Hey Keven ,
3 yrs. to draw X12 ? Man you are lucky if you draw it every 3 yrs. ! I drew X9A in 2006. I was a little dissapointed at what I saw but !didn't have many days to hunt. Took off from there to Az. and arrowed an elk. Came back to X9A 2nd time and ended up shooting a fork horn. Was kind of funny though. I was staying at a cabin at Convict Lake with girlfriend and my son. My friend and his wife were in another cabin. He had shot a little dinky buck on the first trip. I told him that night I was getting up real early and going hunting in the morning. He said don't wake me up , I'll be hung over. Said no problem. Didn't have my quad on that trip so I drove the truck up the canyon to the south of the lake and hunted up in there for awhile. Just saw some does. Was driving out to go back to the cabin and some deer ran across the dirt road. I glassed them and there was a fork horn in with the does. I said what the heck, it's bigger than his. So I got out and dropped him. Gut him and threw it in back of truck and drove back to the cabin. He comes over and saw blood on my hands and saw the deer and saw way to go ! I said yeah, thanks for all you help ! LOL ! Anyway, I have only two pts. this yr. going in (I think) so most likely not possible to draw X!2. Hope you do !