Well, I don't post alot on here but i need some help. I'm putting in for Idaho for the controlled hunts. I want to hunt elk in the rut(most of us do). This will be my first elk hunting trip. I prefer archery hunting but don't mind using a rifle. I have narrowed my control hunts down to unit 18 and 54. I know the odds are by luck and low. This is going to be the only year that i will have the opportunity to hunt elk. The wife is going back to school to become a Nurse and that takes about 5 years. I'm trying to find out a few questions on Idaho.

1. Can you hunt archery then hunt rifle later with the same Tag A or B? Or is it one or the other.
2. What area's have decent hunting OTC? I was looking at 66a/76.

I have the MRS and huntin fool, I have been referencing.

I don't want to be in grizzly country with a Bow! I'm in good shape. I run and lift every day. I have no problem back packing in a few miles. I back pack hunt for deer every season.

I'm not looking for any honey holes.

It would be greatly appreciated any info i can get.

The rookie elk hunter