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Thread: CO deer unit 20

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    CO deer unit 20

    Anyone here hunt here for elk or deer?

    Got drawn for a 3rd season buck deer and a late season cow tag. I picked this unit because it is close to home and I've heard the cows are easier to get with more snow. I thought about holding out for a bull in 20, but I'd prefer to hunt this unit more often than wait to hunt 4 years from now.

    I haven't been out to scout yet, thus I'm wondering if anyone has any hints on where to start, elevation, what kind of cover deer prefer, and how many other deer hunters to expect during 3rd season.

    So if you can help a newbie to this unit out I'd much appreciate it!

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    Unit 20 is a CWD unit... DOW is giving out tags fairly easily in that unit as a result of the CWD... With that said, there's not much above timber hunting to be had there... Estes Park lies in that unit if I recall correctly and there is a ton of private... The big deer are smart and like to hang out in the safety of the park or on private ranches... I would try to focus on the small areas of BLM or forestry land bordering private... You may catch bucks traveling to bedding areas from feeding areas... That would be a good start.
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