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    Quote Originally Posted by BossBrott View Post
    I don't have "much" stake in the game numbers since I don't reside in NV, but I do have an opinion. Of course I have an opinion, I currently hold points in Nevada, and therefore, I vote no increase. Let the past speak for itself, Nevada is a good "trophy" state, and past administrations working with NVDOW, performed nicely. Don't disrupt a good thing, and keep the hunters coming to Nevada,,,lets say,,,instead of Colorado! Trophy quality keeps em comin' back, not forkies. Keep a good thing goin', and yes, you cannot stockpile game, but it does increase the opportunity to "have" trophy animals available.
    You took the words right out of my mouth BB. It's usually all about the revenue ...
    I have 7 pts. in their bank also, Just like Az., they take you money every year for years at a time. You have no choice if you are drawn and it's a bad year to be deer hunting. Only what you hear the year before. $$$
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