I'm 37 and this is my first yr going to colorado elk hunting , Ihave been training since feb started with 30 mins of cardion on a eliptical set to a cross training hil workout for 30 mins 5 days a week and working out on my bowflex 5 days a week 1 muscle group a day . In april i moved and took 3 weeks of since i have joined a gym and back to my 5 day routine except lifting with free weights and hitting my legs harder with squats leg presses and lots of calve exercises . I have 2 packages of high fiber oatmeal evey morning at 5 am go to the gym till 7 and then have a protien shake with starwberries blue , black and rasberry barries for antioxidents and vitamin c then at 9:30 a 2 egg and whole grain muffin snack a healthy lunc and dinner and a protien bar and some trail mix thrown in for snacks i try to have dinner no later than 6:30 pm . I also take a vitamin pack and flex joint pack made by universla nutrition its called animal pack and flex pack they also have awesome weight lifting supplements for stacking on lean muscle and burning fat . I thinking in august I will be hitting the high school bleacjers with a 50 lb werighted pack in the evenings .