I changed cable providers this Winter and no longer get the Outdoor Channel. So I have spent the last month recording a bunch of different hunting shows on the Sportsmen Channel, The Pursuit Channel and NBC sports. Just to see if there are some out there that i will enjoy. While I have found a few that I like, I have seen a lot more terrible shows. I just watched a show yesterday where the hunter was shooting at a bull elk facing straight on. The hunter did not wait for a better shot, he decided to shoot, the elk moved at the last second, just a fraction and you could see the bullet enter the hind end. He then went on to say what a good shot it was. Watching these shows just pisses me off, bad shot placements, hunters setting bad examples for our kids, high fenced hunts. I watched another episode recently that they were hunting elk on some high fence ranch. The hunters could basically walk within 100 yards of 400" bulls out on a prairie and shoot them, they looked tame. Now I understand there are some real good programming out there and i love to watch them. But it seems like any yahoo can get a show nowadays. I tried to e-mail the makers of the show to voice my displeasure, but there was no contact info. So I figured I would get my rant out here. My wife doesn't want to hear it anymore.