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    great idea for the Missouri breaks elk tags/season?

    I believe something like 1200 tags is issued for either my unit/season in the breaks for elk archery.

    The season is from 9/1 to 10/14.

    Wouldn't everyone benefit from splitting this entire season into sections kind of like NM does with their archery elk tags/seasons in the Gila/archery?

    They could split the season into 3-15day seasons and spread out the pressure, at least for non-residents who I doubt almost no non-res hunt the entire 1.5month archery season and most non-res wouldn't even hunt the entire 15 days.

    They could also make the 1st season the shortest, then the 2nd season a bit longer, and finally 3rd season the longest, maybe like 12 days, 15 days, 18 days. Kinda like a pre-rut/opener season, followed by a rut season hunt, followed by a post rut.

    Personally I'd rather hunt with 400 other hunters than 1200.
    Seems like a win-win to me, more seasons, less pressure, same odds/same # of tags,
    It might even be possible to issue even more tags and reduce pressure, ie 3 seasons of 500 tags would feel like less guys in the field than 1 season with 1200 tags.

    Also I would bet most of those 1200 tags hunt closer to the opener/first 3 weeks than any other time, or just the first 2 weeks.
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