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    Pack Frame/BadLands 2200 Hybrid

    I love an external frame for packing a lot of weight but I can't stand hunting out of one once im packed in. I saw the BL ox go on camofire today and was about to pull the trigger on it when I got the idea of combing my alaskan pack frame and BL 2200. Thought it would be the best of both worlds, pack a ton of weight, and disconnect the 2200 once I get to camp for hunting. Oh and wouldnt cost me a dime either. I was optimistic, but I had nothing to do and gave it a shot any ways.
    It ended up working out a lot better than I expected. Loaded it up with 2 20 lb sacks and took it for a spin and worked very well. It takes less than a minute to connect or disconnect as well. Im going to take an over night trip in it with in the next few weeks but ill bring some extra zip ties and bungee cords in case something breaks.
    Hard to explain how I did it but here are some pics. In one of the pics the pack is sagging to the right, just had to re-adjust the load and it road even.
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