I have a 2005 Honda Rincon and absolutely love it! I have not done anything to it but a battery and a set of tires. I think I have close to 6000 miles on it. It has by far been the best bike i've owned. The only down fall is the tranny, a little high geared but the motor makes up for it in power. Comfortable, easy steering in and out of 4x4 without power steering, good ground clearance but not top heavy like the grizzlys. I have riden a couple of others and would still prefer mine over the others. I am tempted to look into the arctic cats. They are one of the few that offer a 500 class with independent suspension and fuel injection. We are a Yamaha family which have been good bikes to but i still like the honda more, like i said it has a couple downfalls but overall and all around its great!