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    2012 Spring Bear Trip

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    First I would like to thank Eastman's for establishing this forum and second to all members who I have poached information from over the last few months Bitterroot Bulls, Kevin Root, Colorado Cowboy and many others make the list too long to name. I have been interested backpack hunting the wilderness for some time and this year made it a goal of mine to get it done. I started on the internet looking for information and found and stayed here. There was just a wealth of knowledge and information here and with everyone very willing to discuss and explain what works best for them. Even sharing how everyone offsets the cost of some of the items needed for back country hunting. So since January I have been puting everything to gether for a spring bear hunt in the Snake River Unit hunt in Oregon. In all I did three trips, 2 - three days and a 4 day trip. I did not manage to harvest a bear but had some of the best hunting I have had and not once on any trip did i see another hunter...even in my glassess. I found out that I am in love with the journey as much as I am in love with the hunt. I have posted a few pictures of my trip and would like to thank all of you for helping me make it possible on a simple budget. Thanks to all very much!!!!Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks like some incredible country. Something just feels right when you get out there, doesn't it?

    I am glad to have helped in any way.

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    Looks like some awesome country in looking at those pictures. Sounds like you had a great adventure. Best wishes to you on your next trip. I hope they will all be successful and a fantastic journey.



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