Are hunting ethics and traditions being lost? With most of us being adults and raising families are we teaching are kids to respect the outdoors and animals. Are we using traditions and ethics when we hunt? And our we passing them down? Should hunter safety classes be teaching more of this? It has been so long since I took hunters safety I donít remember. I was lucky to hunt a lot with my grandpa who had the upmost respect for the outdoors and all that came with it. But I feel that in this day and age that is being lost. How many people hunt just to kill, or only for the bragging rights. How many times have you heard people laugh when telling a hunting story about shooting legs off and animal getting away. I do not like that attitude at all it is not right and wish those people would not be able to hunt ever again. I would like to hear how you are teaching your kids to respect of the outdoors and to be ethical hunter.