Is modern technology making us better hunters? Does the so called top of the line equipment make us a better outdoorsman? Does a new custom rifle make you a better shooter? Does a high dollar scope make you more accurate? I say No to all of these questions.
I think that technology is good to a point, however people get too carried away with the latest and greatest. I also think that people depend on technology to make them a better hunter, when in reality the traditions of hunting are being lost with technology. I also feel that hunting is becoming a rich man’s sport and the equipment they buy is more and more a status symbol that just practical.
Does the $2000 rifle shoot any better than a $800 rifle? No. The gun that a person uses should be comfortable to them, feel good to them, and then they need to practice with it a lot to good with it. This also can be said with bows, I know that a $500 ready to hunt bow will kill just as many big game animals as the “top of the line” bow will.
Hunting should be fun, but I also think that people should have to work (hunt) at it a little. Technology is taking the hunt out of hunting