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Thread: Spring turkeys

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    Hey Tim- I know you meant no disrepect, and I agree with you that they aren't all that smart. They are just paranoid birds with big eyes that see everything... And, they can't figure out how to cross a hog panel fence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim View Post

    I want to make sure there was no disrespct in my post. There wasn't meant to be any.
    I have heard people comparing calling spring turkeys to calling for elk. I can't make that conncection. But who cares. do what you like and like what you do. I personally wish the turkey tags where cheaper. Than i might think of helping thin the vermon. But unfortuanty around here turkeys and houses go hand in hand. The turkeys are routinely 10 feet away. granted i am in my house and they just outsi

    de the window.

    i will say though, that having them roost right behindmy shop is kind of cool. sometimes i change what i am doing, so not to scare them, but most times i dont worry about them.

    You should get yourself a sling shot around Thanksgiving and bring one of those INside.

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    got woke up this morning by a couple of toms gobbling. One was fighting it self in the dining room window. Hope he don't break the window. So i scared him off. he went to another window to fight. This was at 6:00 am.



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