Last time I was in Casper in November my parents had about 8 mature mule deer bucks that camped in their yard all winter during the daylight hours.

Some of the biggest bucks I have ever seen were on the West edge of town basically between the new Walmart and where the canyon narrows on the way to Alcova.

Crazy to think that so many huge bucks live in Casper.

What Casperites call Snob Hill near the College also has a ton of resident old-guy bucks that hang out in the front yards of those big houses all winter long.

Unfortunetly for the old man they don't typically shed their antlers in the yard.

Anyway just a heads up, if your in town next Winter and you want to photograph some big deer.

I think it is great to have bucks like that in town.

We had a huge whitetail that lived on my grandparents ranch in Montana. Could never find him during the hunting season, never found his sheds, he was a ghost.