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cameron hanes, nate simmons, even david long are all awesome top notch elk and mule deer experts and anything they have a hand in publishing will b superb. as for eastmans, eastmans is the daddy of these othere mags... western hunts, elk hunter, extreme elk... if it wasnt for eastmans i dont these the before stated men would have the sucsess they are having now, at least not as soon. the eastman boys are the pioneers of this style of mag. when these other mags begin to grow and become more popular they too will be filled with adds, thats just the mag world. i get all of them, ha, they are all real good learning tools.
I agree...It all started with Eastmans, and its a nice thing that others are following their style. I believe competition is a good thing no matter what industry and it makes everybody "try harder" to succeed. Ive noticed that there are more guided and private land hunts being published, but it's really not up to Eastmans what stories get submitted to them. I think more of the backcountry hunters are probably sending their stories to these other magazines, which I enjoy also. I am a subscriber to EHJ, EBJ, and Extreme Elk, but have read elk hunter, and I think they are all good. To me it depends a lot more on the individual story than the magazine, and that's all up to the hunter who chooses where to send their story. As far as researching states and hunts, Eastmans is well ahead of the rest.