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    i like your velocity figures SansSouci. I've got a Pro Chrono here that I hate to drag out and set up. I really should though. Those look good. 160 Partitions at 3100 plus is pretty darn good medicine. Thanks for posting your findings.

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    Just read all the posts again and decided to add my thoughts too. Just to make it clear, I own 2 30-06s, a 25-06, .257 Wby and a .300 Wby. The only one that is a factory rifle is my old standby Ruger M77 I bought in 1976 in 25-06. Still shoots less than moa after thousands of rounds and has taken around 100 big game animals. The 2 30-06s are sporterized 03 Springfields. The .257 Wby is a MkV that has been tweeked with a new trigger. My .300 WBY is a commercial Mauser action, SS match grade Shilen bbl and a B & C composite stock.

    With all that out of the way, I'll say I have built about 25 custom rifles in the last 50 years. As far as caliber goes, the arguement between .270 & 30-06 has been there since the 30's. Jack O'Conner, Elmer Keith and Warren Page wrote 1,000's of words about this subject and still could not agree. Myself, I want to be able to stay as close to 3000 fps as I can. This baseline will give you great performance no matter what bullet/caliber you choose. I also shoot nothing but handloads and have for 50 years. I believe that you can tailor a load for any rifle that will outperform factory loads, especially in moa accuracy. Every rifle (even the same ones from the same mfgrs) will not shoot the same loads equally and you need to find the load that your rilfe "likes" the best.

    I happen to like the .30 calibers, especially the 30-06. I hand load 150 grainers that chrono at 3150 fps. My .300 Wby does about 3200 with .180s.

    Getting one rifle and one caliber to do it all is a big order. I realized that when started hunting antelope many years ago. With shots often exceeding 300 yds, I realized my 30-06 was being stretched. Thats why I bought the .25-60. I have killed a bunch of deer and antelope with it. Can't find any reason th change. I also have the .300Wby (given to me as a gift) that is great for elk and larger. Shot plenty of elk and a couple of moose with it. What I'm getting at is that the longer you hunt, you'll find that you probably will end up with several calibers for different sized animals.

    Lots of good advice, make your choice and then you can get to work finding the right combination that works for you. If you stay with factory ammo, IMHO you will never find out what the potential is on the combination of rifle, caliber and optics you choose.
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