I am a little behind in the points game, but have been putting in for Unit 12. I have an old photo of my grandfather hunting the Kaibab in the late 40's after he got back from WW2 and have always wanted to hunt there. I drove through in early September a few years ago, and hung out a day and scouted deer. I saw quite a few bucks, no big ones though. Unfortunately I think I will be about 60-65 years old (I am 48 now) before I have a shot at a late tag.

Looking at the map for 12B it doesn't show a distinction for East and West, but you apply for either East or West, is that correct?

What are the early hunts like in that unit? Like I said, I saw deer in there early, but assume the big boys aren't in the country at this time (or tough to find). For someone like me that just wants to hunt the area, is an early hunt worth burning the points or should I wait another 10 years?