I'm looking at getting a new little rifle. Something my wife can shoot if I can ever get her hunting again and also something I can let my nephews use and have for my kids to shoot once they get older. I generally figure you get what you pay for but considering this is going to be a gun that will probably take some falls I don't want something that will make me think twice about letting an awkward 12 year old take off through a scree field with. I had been looking at the Marlin xl7y as well as the savage 11 youth and remingtons little 700. I also tossed around the idea of getting a single shot H&R or CVA based on the price. Then I found the mossberg. It looks to be priced below the other bolt guns and is only a bit more than the H&R. Does anyone have one of the mossbergs? If so how do you like it. Would you buy another one or recommend it to a friend. Most of all is it built well enough to withstand the inevitable accidental abuse it will get.