What is your plans for hunting in 2012?

Broke my tail bone and had surgery or I would be chasing fallow deer and red stags right now during the rut.

I have the 2nd two week of July booked into a top Sambar area in Victoria, but am not sure of weather or not my body will be ready.

I'll be in Hawaii for school for the 3rd week in September and then Wyoming for the next 3 weeks. I didn't know this until now so I am hoping to get a left over cow elk tag, and some pronghorn antelope doe tags. I might buy a full price whitetail tag.

My father has 12 moose points so I think this will be his year to draw a moose.

Then again he has hip replacement surgery and I am not sure he will be ripe by October. So we am kind of hoping he doesn't draw.

He just took a point for sheep.

I am just taking points for non-res sheep and moose in Wyo, points in Utah and Arizona for everything and Nevada.

I'll get Montana and Colorado sorted out next year. But I need to get with the program.