My 9.3x64 Reamer got here today.

I ordered a Krieger barrel a few months ago and the Old man called and told me it arrived at their house in Wyoming.

It is a #8, we are going to flute it and cut it to 25 or 26 inches. Hopefully it likes the 250 Accubond.

Going to be in a Manners stock.

Action will depend on what I can find. Want a Surgeon, but this first one might be a Remington M700 with a PG&W tactical bolt replacement.

We built a 7.5x55 Swiss and used a 7mm WSM Howa and it worked perfectly, the 7.5x55, 8x68s, 6.5x68s, 375 Holderin, and 9.3x64 all have a skosh smaller base than the H&H Basic case does.

I have a Sauer 202 and the magnum bolt fits both H&H basic cases and the 8x68s and 7.5x55 Swiss.

Considering how good the Howa 1500 is I'd just use one of them or a Tikka T3, but the bastard magazines are a pain in the rear. You can't use long action Accuracy International Magazines in them, as the T3 is too short and the Howa 1500 doesn't have the right lead angles.

So it will be a Rem or Rem700 clone. Preferrably a Surgeon!