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Thread: tuning problems

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    Last year I had Sportsmans put on new strings for the first time in years from original purchase. I also decided to try some maxima bluestreak select arrows and find out if they shot any better than the Sportsmans branded hunters.
    Everything was nearly the same and my shot groups were fine. I did notice though with the new strings my arrow tip sat down when at rest. I use the wisker biscut rest. I had never noticed it do that before. My groups were fine so I didnt think it was an issue. I asked anyway when I went by the shop the day before a week long hunt. My regular tech was not there. There was this other person there I had never seen. I asked about the way the arrow was sitting. Next thing I know they took my entire rest and site off the bow!!! I was so pissed. They had not moved in 4 years, as well both were completely adjustable! By the time they got it back together it was totally FUBAR and I just said thankyou and left. I could not get ahold of anyone I knew in Boise due to the hunt season, so reluctantly went to Cabelas shop for some help. They used a laser to realign my set up, and got my bow shooting nice groups again. However they did not have a paper frame to test through and my sight, rest and arrow are 3/8" closer to the riser than they ever were before. I can hold decent groups but had to adjust in my grip to get the same site picture as I had before. I know its not right as well. My groups past 50 yards are all over the place when before they were within 3" of each other.
    It all started with new strings because I needed them.....its very frustrating to say the least.
    Good luck with finding a "pro" you will need it. And be ready to clock any bozo that decides to disassemble your bow to fix it!! LOL.
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    I had a "pro shop" who said they make there own custom strings replace the original string on my PSE. After 3 trips back there to have them fix the twist on my string I gave up. The peep ( G5 ) was always different every time I pulled back. The d loop string was always pointed to the side every time I tried to hook my release on it. I live about 45 minute drive from the "pro shop". I spent more in gas than I did on the string! The guy who made the strings calls his company DRAGON SILK CUSTOM STRINGS ( Denver area). Never use this clown!



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