I have been overseas with the military for the majority of my career, and now that we are headed back to Wyoming (don't know where yet), I want to hunt the wilderness areas horseback.

What saddles are you guys using, and what panyard systems and so on?

Where is a good place to go for back country tack?

Looks like the prices on quality mules are high, and I don't have a lot of mule experience.

We used to have our share of BLM Burros that guarded our sheep at night when I was younger. Kind of like a tall dog that eats grass.

Was thinking of trying to find some Norwegian Fjord mares (2 or 3) and a mammoth donkey jack. Eventually having our own mule program. Then again I have zero experience around mules. So maybe not.

(I am about 20 months from moving so if your selling horses can you please wait till I get back. I don't even know where I am going to be living.)