I missed the boat about 15 years ago when Wyoming went from $15 sheep and moose points to the current $100-75 points.

I quit, I was pissed, I had financial obligations that were going on and $175 for points seemed like a bad deal at the time.

Being a Wyoming Native (though a Non-Resident) I felt like Wyoming G&G was kicking me in the sack and I didn't want to send them money.

So here we are X-ammount of years later and I realize that the staggering increased cost in sheep OTC tags in BC and Alberta is going to keep me from hunting them there.

I don't want a game ranch ram from Nebraska or Colorado. Even if I did they are $20,000.

And so here comes the question.

Will me moving back home to Wyoming next year and having just a couple of points ever lead to me shooting a ram? I am 37.