I have been lucky enough to use a bonus at work (single at the time) to hunt in Africa once and Europe quite a bit.

Here's my favorite DVDs, in no particular order.

Great Rams of Asia by Safari Video (this one is from the 1990s but Outdoor Visions sells it).

Boddington in Argentina, not available on his website you'll have to google it.

Any DVDS by Hunters Video in Denmark they are awesome! Especially their Alaska, Mongolia and Berleberg Castle ones. www.huntersvideo.dk In fact I like them as a production company above anyone else!

Boared to Death and Boared to Death 2

High Wild and Free and Challenging the North West Territories by Gordon Eastman

And any of the Mike Eastman DVDs are good, though mike isn't much of a presenter.

I like Best of the West DVDs as long as it's John Porter or those 2 rodeo clowns on there. Not much of a fan of anyone else on that show.

I like John Burns, but he seems to get bored when he is talking to people.

And I like anything with Dr Wayne Van Zwoll, I think he is probably the best gunwriter of our day.