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Sitting for hours without moving or making noise? plop myself in a lawnchair, sip on a cocktail, and wait till that elk comes walking out in the next county!
Neither requires stalking ability but one is somehow better than the other? Picking a place for a stand, setting it up, waiting for a shot etc. all takes skill but so does being able to shoot great distances with success. As mentioned before I don't hunt long range, I don't have the equipment nor do I want it. I enjoy getting to the animals and being out in the wilderness. I feel comfortable at 400 yards if the conditions are perfect but they seldom are and I have passed up shots closer than that because of it. If we want to have more people join our group (hunters) I think we need to be careful where we draw the "that's not ethical" line. The greatest concern I would have is wasting an animal but that happens, with short range shots from arrows as well. Anyone who has hunted very long has lost an animal and its bad there is no other way to describe the feeling. While you may have a problem with someone who shoots 1000 yard they may also have a problem with you "Sitting for hours without moving" and calling it hunting.