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    Quote Originally Posted by ceby7 View Post
    What's so awesome about it? What does it prove? Does it prove your not capable of getting any closer? I don't care how much skill someone has or how much they practice, or how patient they are. None of those are even relevant. It's all about what is ethical and what is not. Unfortunatley, ethics vary from person to person.
    It proves that all the time and money that I've put into my rigs has paid off. This isn't holding over the back with a regular old duplex reticle or even with the Nikon BDC stuff. This is precision shooting. How is skill, practice and patience not relevant?

    For the record, I am not taking 1k shots at animals because I am not prepared yet; although I have whacked rocks and gongs at that distance. Right now, 800 is my max range. I've recently taken a whitetail buck at 754, a doe antelope at 785, and a cow elk at 760. All one shots kills.

    Maybe I think bowhunting is unethical? Or I could think that because my ability with a bow is non-existant? If I hunted with a bow I would probably be one of those guys who went home to let the deer lay in the woods overnight with an arrow sticking half way in the guts. But, I don't hunt with a bow and never will... because I have no skill or interest with them. When that big buck pops out across the canyon at 600 yards, there's no doubt that he's getting both front shoulders broken by a 180 grain Triple Shock.
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