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    Okay, so I read the first two pages of this thread and this one, so I apologize if this has been covered or beat to death.

    We, as hunters should NOT impress our views, limitations on others. We must each have our own set of ethics and limitations we live and hunt by, and we cannot make them inflexible nor can we impress our limits and ethics on others as long as they are using good judgement and working within the laws.

    I personally have dabbled in long range, and while I learned a lot from it, I ultimately moved on to archery for a different kind of challenge. I do see that those who do it, are doing so for the "trophy shot". Is this any less admirable than working toward a "trophy animal" by whatever your definition is of each? Each is a form of hunting. Those who do the long range hunting typically spend as much time planning and practicing to make these shots as I do to make a 60 yard shot on elk with my bow.

    I don't do the long range thing, but do not fault anyone who does.
    I do spend most of my time practicing and in the woods with a bow in my hand and my rifle shooting skills have seriously been neglected. I now limit myselft to point blank range with a rifle (I define point blank as that distance where I am still holding on fur using the center cross hairs based on ballistics and critter size).
    As an archer, I am also targeted by those who feel I am not "killing ethically" (can one truly call killing ethical?). The elk I have killed with my bow died anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes from being shot with an arrow. I have had a mule deer that required a follow-up shot and therefore lived for an hour after the initial shot - which was a good one.
    My one shot using long range equipment at 506 yards was essentially an instant kill on an antelope.
    I am not a slob hunter lobbing arrows indiscrimanately, and these guys are not slob hunters lobbing bullets with no consideration.

    Please, lets stop bashing others who fundamentally are as ethical as any other good hunter.

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