Hey guys, 1st time poster here. Been hanging around for a while and enjoying the forum, figured it is time to get involved!

Need some advice from you guys because I am coming up on the Colorado draw deadline and can't decide what to do for my 1st choice? I am planning my 1st DIY backcountry Elk hunt and decided to put in for 1st rifle for a wilderness area that gives me a 50/50 chance (historically) to draw with 0 points. Well after digging a little deeper, I found I actually have a better chance of drawing muzzleloader in this unit so now I don't know what to do because muzzleloader is very appealling but it also has some drawbacks. Also, this will be a "meat" hunt not a trophy hunt so not so focused on antler size, but would be a nice bonus.

Muzzleloader PRO's
-Easier to draw
-During the Rut
-Potentially milder weather, so I would pack a 3 season tent in lieu of 4 season with stove, etc. (could pack lighter)

Muzzleloader CON's
-Primitive Weapon = decreased range, less chance for follow up shot, etc.
-Could only draw Bull Only instead of Either Sex. (This is one of my main issues, because I would like to drop a cow if it was my only opportunity)
-More hunters during this season = increased pressure (including Archer's as well as Muzzy hunters)
-10% success as opposed to 27% for 1st rifle in this unit

What would you guys do for a 1st time Elk hunt?