First let me say I am 65 years old and have bowhunting since the 1960's.
This morning while watching some outdoor tv I saw several so called professional bowhunters drawing their bows, what a joke! Point to the sky try to pull with all the muscles you got in you arms and then come down to try to locat the target.
The correct draw is to bring the bow into line with the target with a minimum of movement, using your back muscles and shoulders, (not your arms) come straight back to anchor and settle on the target and release smoothly. I hunt with a 69# Rocky Mtn custom recurve, and a 65# Pro line compound bow and the same process works for both. You can effeciently take any North American Big Game animal with a 50# bow. First thing is to remember you have to get close, preferably within 35 yards, then stay concealed and make a good shot into the middle of the lungs of the animal. A heart shot is not preferable for bowhunters. I have taken Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear and Elk all with my recurve bow, and at 65 I can still come to draw with out any extra movement and I get pass thru penetration with both of my archery tools. Sharp cut on contact broadhead, 1" to 1 1/4" cut diameter and sharp sharp sharp. I use the Snuffer 125 and have for years.
Thanks for letting me rant.