Hey guys! Just got word I have drawn a Copalis unit Spring Bear Tag in our state! Awesome stuff, as last year was a no-go in the Monroe Spring Bear unit. Totally stoked to hit the field with my bow-in-hand this spring.

I have never actually hunted this unit before and was wondering if anyone else has? It is GMU 642, located west of Aberdeen. The unit(s) for bear are located on Raionier Timber lands and (i guess) require me to buy a $100 "access permit" to go on the land and do them a favor by saving their trees; strange, but whatever.

I have had some amazing feedback on this forum from great sources and am truly hoping for some close encounters of the bruin kind this season. Any additional help in the how, when, where, why, what-if category would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton and have a safe, fun hunting season!

As a note on how I hunt: I access road unit (like this apparently) with my mountain bike and trailer, or I typically backpack for 3-5 days at a time. As a full-time college student I may not find time (or squeeze the money) to make it down for scouting prior to the April 15 season, so it will be a week-long hit the ground running hunt. Season runs April 15-June 15. Thanks!