I came across this in another forum that im active on and have heard rumors about this happening as where CA DFG is considering opening designated state game refuges that are on public land and some that coincide with private land for instance there are some located on US Forest service land and SPI land which you are able to hunt minus the designated state game refugees that are located on these lands. This was propased in 2008 to reevaulate these lands to see if they were serving there purposes which these properties were set aside to no hunting in 1919 for wildlife mainly deer to increase heard denisities and populations in these areas these were not set aside to help any other type of wildlife according to dfg.

After reading this and looking over the maps and comments and what dfg has wrote about this proposal and what they have came up is and what i summarized out of it is that they pretty much said that these lands were a waste and are deer populations have been declining severe since the early 1900's and it sounds like there just opening more land to hunt which is great since one of these is practically my nackyad in a ways but then again though its sad becuase it sounds like dfg has pretty much gave up on our deer and im sure there is ways that they could help deer aka a lion season but im sure theres more to it but in my neck of the woods lions definitely affect are deer.

Just wanted to put the bug in peoples ear for the hunters that reside here in CA and see what others opinions are heres a link to dfgs website with this information and the Ca publics comments which of course all the publics concern is from PETA lovin liberal ppl that are against hunting and all that stuff bout how they might get shot or whatever lol but anyways to post this up and gripe it made me feel better hope this can make sense to ppl i tried interperting this the best i could.