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    Quote Originally Posted by Musket Man View Post
    Isnt some of the price tag on the high end glass the service and warranty that comes with them?
    Sure, the warranty gets paid for somehow. Yet, the best warranty in the business is Vortex' warranty, and their products are priced much lower than the "Big Three". Leica's Customer Service has been suspect at times. In my experience, Swarovski and Zeiss have excellent US-based service centers.

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    I hear if you ever have a problem you can send Swarovski's in and they will fix them no questions asked and can send them in for free cleaning too. I own all 3. Swarovski binos, Ziess spotter and Leica range finder. Have never sent anything in but I did hit the focus knob in my spotting scope and now it turns harder but it doesnt cause a problem and the little covers on top and bottom of the hinge/focus on my binos now live in utah or montana I think. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Boy View Post
    Zen Ray is coming out with the prime HD in May I believe. If you pre-order them now they are 25% off and come out to $555. If not there $740. Wish they would have came out with them when I got my ED3s, oh well the ED3s are still good enough for me.
    I just ordered them. Hope they are good stuff.



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