Mathews Helim

I took this bow on trade and it came with 60X strings on it. I have handled a few of them already but I will start from scratch like I haven't. The first thing I noticed was the very much improved overall balance and feel. The lighter weight as well was a noticeable difference which I personally liked for a hunting bow.

I had to switch cams and pick up a 29" cam to get started setting it up for me. The Mathews cams are very easy to swap out and that was done in a matter of a few minutes. After that it was on to the draw board to check what actual draw length measured. With the original draw stop it came in at 3/8" long at 29 3/8" with changing to the smaller draw stop it came in at 29 5/8" so you will gain a 1/4" in actual measured draw length. My peak weight obviously maintains the same at 68# regardless of draw stop but my holding weight and valley do change. With original draw stop my holding weight is 16.5# and with the smaller draw stops it comes in at 15.8#. However not much change but noticeable at full draw and does improve the valley.

Currently my ATA is right on at 30" and brace is at 6 15/16. The limbs are bottomed out at 68# but keep in mind I am not worried per say on 70# and would get it easy from a little twisting here and there. My current arrow is a GT Velocity 300 weighing in at 378 gr. My first set up originally was 1/8" nock high and did this because many I have seen have come in like this. I eyeballed centershot and shot through paper. I had a tail high tear but dead center for centershot. I then shot through the chrono and speeds were 303 fps. Then I set my nock height to nock level to correct tail high tear and first shot was a bullet hole. Reshot through the chrono and got 305 fps. From there I went on to fine tune my centershot with a walkback tune. Centershot ended up at just a smidgen past ¾” which is just a touch off true center due to a stiffer spine arrow. I will end up weakening the spine a little in the near future. I also ended up sliding the speed nocks up to 1 ½” from bottom cam to bottom of speed nocks. Shot final numbers through the chrono with same arrows and shot 306 and 307 fps. So this bow is definitely hitting IBO speeds and you can see the difference just from adjustments in a basic tune.
So far it has been very repeatable on a 5 spot at 20 yards and still waiting to shoot some long range groups. Its been a little tough with the wind lately to really get dialed in. Hopefully I will be doing this shortly.
If I was to pick one complaint it would be the grip. However they are better than they have been in the past I still would like to see them slimmer in the future. Keep you posted on some more tuning and long range groups soon. Any questions just ask