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Do lighted nocks give the hunter the advantage in any fashion? Possibly in recovery but beyond that they are a cool curio. I cant come up with a reason to not allow hunters to use them but at the same time I can understand P&Y and states not wanting to create a slippery slope of gadgetry. Don't use them and never plan on replacing my arrow wraps it but cant hate on anyone who does. Crossbows are another story...
In reality my guess is there would be very few people who would use lighted nocks as an aid that gave them an advantage which is why I can understand why many people think it is silly. There would be a few people who would use them to find their target in low light conditions by taking multiple shots I am afraid but I would love to hear from people in places where they are already legal to learn how much of an issue that is.

One aspect where they would add to the technology of a bowhunter is with people who have continued to use large diameter aluminum arrows with large fletching so they can see their point of impact. I know such people and if lighted nocks are legalized and if they do what they say they will some people will be shooting faster/flatter shooting arrows. If somebody says they "do nothing other than help me find my arrow after the shot" they are in denial to some extent.

If a study came out that proved that lighted nocks increase game recovery with zero increase in technology I think everybody would jump on board but the reality is that wont happen because they are just cool curio. Kind of fun to watch on TV but problaby not worth going against the tradition of the P&Y Clubs "Rules Of Fair Chase" to me.