I started hunting solo because no one would go with me. It was a little difficult at first but I got used to it pretty quick and really like it. I think I may be a little bit crazier than most hunters. I love to go far and hard/fast. My first backcountry solo elk hunt I hiked into a wilderness area 7 miles in the middle of the night before the opener. I made camp around 2 a.m. and woke up at six with 6 huge mule deer bucks 100 yards away from me. I shot a bull with my bow later that day on the other side of a 12000 foot peak. It was great and im addicted to bowhunting the backcountry. When I train I do it the same way far, hard and fast. I have turned off some friends from hunting with me because of this so I just keep going solo. I am always more successful solo, I do whatever I feel like doing and go as hard as I feel like going. Cameron Hanes book Backcountry Bowhunting really got me excited and helped me with the idea of solo hunting. Be smart, prepared, and give it a try.