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    I started hunting solo because no one would go with me. It was a little difficult at first but I got used to it pretty quick and really like it. I think I may be a little bit crazier than most hunters. I love to go far and hard/fast. My first backcountry solo elk hunt I hiked into a wilderness area 7 miles in the middle of the night before the opener. I made camp around 2 a.m. and woke up at six with 6 huge mule deer bucks 100 yards away from me. I shot a bull with my bow later that day on the other side of a 12000 foot peak. It was great and im addicted to bowhunting the backcountry. When I train I do it the same way far, hard and fast. I have turned off some friends from hunting with me because of this so I just keep going solo. I am always more successful solo, I do whatever I feel like doing and go as hard as I feel like going. Cameron Hanes book Backcountry Bowhunting really got me excited and helped me with the idea of solo hunting. Be smart, prepared, and give it a try.

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    I like this thread!! This year will be my 20th elk season and 1/2 of those I have done at least one week solo. My good friend could not always do a two week trip and I have always planned on doing two weeks in late September. I truely believe you hunt more efficient, smarter, and expend less energy hunting solo. It also gives you the ability to move when you have too. I actually find I hunt better and longer when I am solo but as most have stated it is nice to have at least one good friend with you. When I did my first trip solo I had some restless nights but over came that pretty quick. Of those 20 seasons I have really only split my time between two different general areas in Montana. I have learned that it is almost always better to know a few areas really good than to know a bunch of areas marginally. The wife does not care for me going solo but to me there is something extremely self satisfying about solo hunting in the high country. Very seldom do I see anyone and I am pretty surprised if I do. I always have a plan before I start especially when it comes time to pack out a Elk on a solo trip. I have packed out my share over the years by myself and though it is not easy I know I can get it done without loosing any meat and that is the most important thing to me. I wouldn't call it extreme hunting but time alone is a rare thing for me and it gives me a great chance to regroup and think back over my life. The more I go out on my own the more I appreciate what living in this country is truly about. Man just look up at the sky in the high country on a clear cold night and listen to the Elk bugling off in the distance!!! it absolutely does not get any better than that.
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