Does anyone have any positive/negative info on these units? Im trying to come up and hunt on my 2nd choice, so I can keep my points. This is pretty much what it's come down to... Im going to try for 48 as my 1st choice, then either 25, 16, or 18 a my other choices. I've crossed 39 off the list due to what the local biologists told me about the pressure and access. I've read the MRS info over and over, and I know these are sub-par units, but Im only looking for a solid antelope hunt. Not worried about B&C opportunites. I just want to hunt and have a chance at a 14-15" goat.

THis is for the regular draw btw... is it worth it to put in for the special draw, or are there pretty much antelope in most of these units?

If you have any helpful info to either confirm or help me narrow it down, Im all ears!

thanks a lot!!