I guess somebody should stick up for these guys. I've had more "good" run ins, than bad. This year on the dove opener we had a warden check our licenses. Few of the guys did not have licenses in their possession. Left them back in the truck. We were on private property so it is what it is. The warden did a check on the radio for those guys, found out that they did buy licenses and stamps so no tickets were written.

Most of the time that I've made contact it has been cordial and respectful.

I did have a run in with a warden up at Beardsley Lake about 10 + years ago. I did not get a ticket for anything but just talking to him, he made it clear to me that he thought most of the people that enjoyed our forrests were scum to him. He actually said that he wished they would shut the down to the public. I've talked to several people over the years up in that area, and he was kind of legendary as far as being a miserable, angry sob.