I used to eat a lot of mountain house pro pak meals. Those are the smaller, easier to pack mountain house meals. They taste pretty good, but are loaded with salt. I started saving packs two hunting seasons ago in hopes of making my own. Well last year I made my own and they turned out realy well. I did up pounds of ground elk on plastic sheet in my excalibur dehydrator. I'd take that and throw in some ramen noodles (minus there seasoning that has msg in it) and put in some alpine touch (best stuff on earth from MT!). Those meals were super tasty and took about the same time as the mountain houses to rehydrate. I also pack string cheese, bagels, pepporoni sausage, deer/elk jerky, trail mix, home dehydrated apples, fruit strips and yogurt strips. For hot breakfasts I'd do oatmeals with some home dehydrated blueberries and or apples. PB and J is also another staple in my pack. Variety for me is a good thing.