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    Unit 107 Antelope Muzzleload

    Anyone have any info on unit 107 for muzzleload antelope? I never hunted goats with a smoke pole. Would like to give it try. There's only a few units in Wyoming that are muzzleload. I would be curious to know if it's a quality unit with public land. Also I didn't see much on the reg's. Can you use an in-line? Are scopes permissable

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    I have hunted this unit during both rifle and Muzzleloader seasons. Not what I would consider a "trophy" unit but fun to hunt with plenty of BLM. The herd in this area was hit hard during the last winter and I had read in one of the magazines that tag numbers may be reduced this year. There were far fewer animals last year than previous years. You can use scopes, sabots, pellets and in-line ignitions in Wyoming, unless something changed this year.

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