Sorry, 74 sucks, don't apply there, no does and no BC bucks.

There are a lot of very good hunters on this site, but I bet the average guy kills the first or second decent 74-78 inch antelope he sees after 4 days of hunting. I had 4 friends kill their bucks before noon on the first day. They scouted 1 1/2 days before the opener and were convinced they saw all the bucks in the area. YA Right. I saw a WY hunter, an older guy, shoot a small thin horned 13 antelope near the road in a blue chip area. I helped him drag it to the road. I asked him why he shot it, He said he was just hunting meat. I'm not faulting him, but I passed two 14 inch bucks on the same road before I met him. I guess guys like these are good as they are not competing for the trophy class animals.

I read and reread Mikes book, especially the trophy judging section, and I came to the conclusion, that antelope are very hard to judge, at least for me. When bucks are in the rut and chasing other bucks off, its hard to get a good look at them long enough to judge them properly. I found this very frustrating. Maybe this is why the Eastmen's hunt later in the season. I guess with time I'll get a lot faster at judging them. I also think it easy to fall into the trap of shooting 78-80 inch bucks and never getting past that point in trophy quality. Just my thoughts on this subject.