Been lurking for a few days now and really like this website. Its pretty obvious you all take your hunting serious, but im sure theres tons of fun mixed in. Anyways, Hi, my name is Steve. I really enjoy my time outdoors, like most of you, and I really enjoy spending that time with my wife and kids. Currently Im coaching a youth trapshooting team of 25 kids, and im finding that to be a great niche in my life. We run a few youth hunting programs, and are always looking for more ways to get our youth connected to the outdoors. If we can teach them to shoot, well then, we can teach them to hunt. Im currently trying to put an out of state hunt on the list as I would love to see both my kids come away with an adventure to remember. I made it a "bucket list" project for myself and would like to enjoy it with my son(15), and my daughter (14) before they graduate high school. After that, well, I'll probably lose them to college for awhile. It sounds like a ton of fun for the wife and I.

As for Eastmans? Mike Eastman is a great adventurer, hunter, and an overall great sportsman, therefore im grateful to have been blessed to find this site!

Steve Brott