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    They are my families fav wild game to eat dont turn them into sausage just take care to get it skinned out quickly and take your time cooking it get the fat and silver skin off marinade it and grill it at low temp it is great

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    My wife prefers it over any other game...and we eat it ALL! The real problem as I see it is how you take care of it after you shoot it. Usually most of the hunting is in September and it can be pretty hot and that can effect the meat big time in a hurry. Gut, skin and quarter ASAP. Get it cooled down. I have a couple of the big 150 qt coolers that I use. Before I start hunting I fill one with ice. I take the quarters and put them in big plastic garbage bags and seal them. Put them in the empty cooler (after I've added some ice to the bottom) and cover them with ice. As soon as I can I start to debone.

    I have a small 5' freezer and generator I take. While I am in camp I start the butchering and packaging. Usually I get most of it done (less the grinding for burger/sausage) before I leave for home.These animals arn't very big and it doesn't take all that long to get the job done. We take each persons animal and put it in one of the garbage bags with their tag so everyone knows which animal is theirs.

    If you do butchering in the field you must remember to leave evidence of sex on an edible piece or chunk of unbutchered meat. On an either sex tag it is not as important as on a sex specific tag. I have been checked several times and one time we could not prove sex on a doe tag and got a ticket. An expensive lesson.

    One thing to remember on game meat...DO NOT overcook it. Rarer is better, more moist and savory, not like a piece of leather! I also trim off all the fat...usually not much there on the goats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbackhunter View Post
    Also I have been given several different opinions on how antelopes taste, are they good or should I have them ground up into sausage like we do with hogs here at home.
    In my opinion they are the best eating game meat period! I try to drop them where they stand and get them quartered and on ice ASAP. I also try not to shoot at alarmed animals or those that have been spooked and running.




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