Hi, My name is Robert and Im from Arkansas. Im looking for some info on unit 27 and 7 for a gun hunt. I stayed in Wyoming last summer and fell in love with the state. The amount of game one can see driving down the road is mind blowing. Antelope were standing everywhere,I even seen my first moose also!
I have a few questions.
I bought 1 PP last year and from what Im reading I can draw a hunt in these 2 units.And there seems to be public land also. Im not looking for a record book goat, just a fun time hunting.

Where can I find the best maps so that I dont tresspass on to private land?
How much public land is there in these 2 units?
Can I just pull over onto public land and camp?
I dont know anything about how harsh your winter was, so has there been a big winter kill? Are the number of goats good?
Are there many rattlesnakes and can you kill them legally?
Do you pay for your tag after you are drawn, or when you submit?
I have never hunted out west. Any help would be great.

THANKS, Robert