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That is awesome, Kevin.

So far, for a solo shelter, I really like the TT contrail best.

As I have mentioned here and elsewhere, I think the GoLite SL5 will be my multi-person shelter this year. I will use it floorless with a bivy. That way all of my gear will be out of the elements, I can take my boots off inside, have enough room to stand up, and still be protected from the wet ground with the bivy.

We will see how it goes.
I think your solutions will work well Bitterroot Bulls. I like the idea of using something like the floor-less, GoLite SL5 along with the bivy. It perhaps adds some better functionality to the whole system. It also might help take some on the condensation issues away when using the bivy in wet weather. I keep my bivy open just a bit to help with the air flow and it seems to help well but adding the extra cocoon of sorts or double wall around you would help perhaps with the outside elements along with helping to deter some of those pesky critters as well. It makes for a lightweight shelter with options.