MoHunter posed the question on another thread, and I thought it deserved its own discussion:

How do you decide between a bivy sack and an ultralight tent? I know BB uses a tarprent and seems pleased. I guess I thought I would get something like a tarp or light tent in place of a bivy. Why both?

My thoughts are they all have their uses. I like the Tarptent as a do-all solo shelter. It is superlight, has more room than a bivy, and full bug protection.

I also like a full tent when going with a partner. Complete protection, and the weight isn't bad when split between two or more.

A bivy is nice, cause there is no pitching it. Just roll it out and get in.

A bivy + tarp or floorless tent, is kind of a hybrid. Good protection and lots of room for gear, etc.

This year I am going to try the floorless shelter and bivy on some of my hunts, but I am not giving up my TT.

What do you guys think?