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    bw pack

    I got my BW from Steve Speck last year and he is great to deal with. I found it functional, well laid out, quiet and tough. The only problem i had with it was that i did not like the way the rifle rounded off the flexible pack frame and made it protrude into my back against my spine. I had no problem with untill i got under heavy load with the rifle in the scabbard (add on down the middle).

    I may go back to a side mount scabbard....

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    Another happy Blue Widow user here. When I first got the pack it didn't feel all that good, even after adjusting and fitting it. I ended up taking out them aluminum shoulder supports and it seemed to really make a difference for me. I used it extensively last rifle season, weighing in at 38lbs I think (rifle, spotter, etc), and it is a well designed pack. Very versatile for bow or rifle, day pack or spike. Just hike in your spike camp, drop the extra baggage, and you have a wonderful day pack. Unfortunately I never had to haul meat with it yet, so I can't speak to that.



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