I was considering putting in for a tag in Montana. I know it will be a general tag if I draw it. My question is what kind of hunting can I expect in general areas? Elbow to elbow, low numbers??? I don't like to run into many people. I have no idea what to expect and it is a lot of $ to put out there and not be happy. I have hunted twice in Idaho with a general OTC tag, and was lucky to kind a decent spot. How do they compare to Idaho OTC?

Montana put themselves in the middle this year. I drew a tag last year and had to turn it in, because my buddy couldn't go. Cost us 20% and didn't even get a point. Last year Utah and New Mexico cost us a few bucks to withdraw our application, that's it.

I am already entered in Utah, and Arizona, but not much of a chance getting anything there. Plan and would really like to hunt New Mexico if lucky. I would be going archery the first week of September if we go any place we go.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated as to the quality of the general hunt and what to expect.