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    Picked up the Bowtech Insanity last night

    I haven't had much time to mess with it but did just get done setting it up. My current specs are 71# 29" draw 378 gr arrow, 30 gr on the string at 325 fps. This is out of the box with a few added twist in the yoke to get the pre lean I prefer. Other than that I have not done a thing. So I would say it is about 4 fps slow compared to IBO right out of the box to your average buyers. I could fudge the lighting here and there but this was done just like most would right out of the box so you would have a fair comparison. Personally I don't care about it hitting IBO exactly but I am sure with a little tweaking it would hit it no problem. I will keep you posted with some long range shooting to get a feel of brace height difference from the Invasion.
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