So planning time for this fall is in full swing. I have already drawn a bull elk tag in the Big Horns in Wyoming and have been working with another hunter for a Antelope hunt in Wyoming, but I have a problem with it. I plan on moving from California this year and have enough points to draw X9A. I also have max points for Desert Big Horns and Elk, but both of those tags are long shots at best, but with 3 points I have a pretty good shot at X9A. The problem is that the seasons for the Wyoming Antelope hunt and X9A run the same. I could do both and split the season, spend the first couple weeks in the Sierra's then head for Wyoming for the last two weeks of Antelope season and then stay for the duration of my elk hunt. Or just make a decision and concentrate on either a Mule Deer hunt in California or Antelope hunt in Wyoming. I can always wait until next year to hunt Antelope in Wyoming and book my points (4). I don't figure on spending the gas or extra money for non-resident tags to come back to California when I can find just as good if not better mule deer hunting in other states. Hopefully I'll be a resident of New Mexico, this year I have 2 points for deer in Colorado and 4 points for general deer in Utah so the future looks good in other states.

I have hunted X9A many times, three times with a bow and four with a rifle and have taken my best deer there and five mulies in the seven hunts. I have always hunted a particular streach of the unit and always day hiked in or spot and stalked from the truck. If I decide to hunt X9A for one last time I would love to pack in somewhere, but really don't know an area to check out. I figure I would have plenty of time for a scout trip come summer time and could easily get to the unit a week or even two weeks before the start of the season. I have been thinking of finding a place somewhere between Sherwin Summit and Mammoth or from Lee Vining to the north border of the unit (Virginia Lakes). I usually hunt the west side of 395 but have taken two deer on the east side. I would love to hear some feedback regarding packing in on either side of 395. I know that the east side does not get near the pressure as the west, but the deer are more scattered too.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, maybe best to PM if talking of specific places. Any help would be appreciated, feel free in add your opinion regarding my decision between an X9A Mule Deer hunt and/or a Wyoming Antelope hunt.

And thanks for reconizing California and their hunters by giving us our own forum catagory